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Read "Sičovyk" – support Hetmanate!

At this time when the Ukrainian society overcrowded false information, most of the quality is not due to successful anti-Ukrainians actions media or sites in the worldwide web Internet, conscious Ukrainian nationalists of Sicheslavschyna try to revive the true essence of the press. In particular, great attention to Ukrainian nationalists of Sicheslavschyna is paid not only to sites in the world on the Internet, but also radio and periodicals (newspapers and magazines) independent of any political party, where you can read about the history (past) life (present) and prospects State of (future) Ukrainian nation.
   The magazine "Sičovyk" was founded in spring 2013th by the group of Ukrainian nationalists from the famous Cossack town Sicheslav (soviet named Dnipropetrovs’k) They are supporters of the idea of ​​the 3rd Hetmanate – it’s the traditionalist Ukrainian national state. The name of the magazine "Sičovyk" continues a long tradition of publishing Ukrainian nationalist magazines.
Recall the recent past of Ukrainian nationalist press:
 1) "Surma" – an underground magazine and organ of the UVO (in years 1927-1934), and later by the establishment of the OUN – organ of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (since 1935), Journal of Policy Analysis published articles and ideological, documented the OUN underground operations in Ukraine.
 2) "Idea ta Čyn" – the Leadership of the OUN-B on Ukrainian territory (in years 1942-1946) were published in the Journal of the official documents of the OUN-B, political, theoretical, informative and polemical articles, comments and reviews of current events, lists of the fallen on the field of glory, bibliographies underground publications.
 3) "Rozbudova Nacii" – the ideological organ of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, established in January 1928 in Czechoslovakia when it was issued legally, but illegally distributed in Poland and Romania.
Therefore, Ukrainian nationalist from Sicheslav decided to emphasize his own name of the independent patriotic magazine, belonging to a Cossack past and OUN – "Sičovyk" – the memorial press of the Cossack Sich and the descendant of the Ukrainian nationalist from the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army). Short and sweet!
   Members of the editorial board, which is mainly 4 people practicing traditional ideas of Ukrainian nationalism Mykola Mikhnovsky, Vyacheslav Lypynskyi, Dmytro Dontsov, Mykola Stsiborskyi. The editors of "Sičovyk" were not trying to distort the idea of ​​the Ukrainian ideologies or use them for their own benefit, they extend the idea of ​​the Ukrainian citizens. The  goal of "Sičovyk" editors will build a new type of Ukrainian state – the Hetmanate.
   "Sičovyk" likes many other ordinary Ukrainian, believes in the victory of the Ukrainian nation in the long struggle for state-free on their land. Unlike political parties and public organizations, "Sičovyk" and the "Movement for the Hetmanate", the idea of ​​which has promoted in the pages of "Sičovyk", not trying to discredit the idea of ​​the ideological predecessors. Unfortunately, these nationalist newspapers as "Surma" and "Rozbudova Nacii" everything went very optimistic for the Ukrainian nation was bled dry and lost its statehood. Today, when Ukrainians have their own country, editors of "Sičovyk" should all unite and destroy the power anti-Ukraine occupiers, later – to build the Hetmanate. So now in "Sičovyk" advocates the idea.
   If people are eager to discuss with the pro-Hetmanate activists, their are always happy to go to a specific verbal duel – no offense and bloodshed – briefly, clearly and truthfully, if archival or documentary evidence. For readers of "Sičovyk" add, finally, that celebrate their connectedness with the revolutionary generation of Ukrainian immediate predecessors – with UVO-UPA-UNA-UNSO, and now Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector) – create the new edition of the popularization of Ukrainian revolutionary ideas of nationalism without impurities and distortions and propaganda of the Hetmanate.
   Glory to Ukraine! – Honor for heroes!
Writer – Denis Kovaljov

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