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Nationalism save the economy

After the victory of the Revolution of Duty and started Moscow insidious war against Ukraine, the company is still in a state of economic depression. Former government Donetsk bandits and oligarchs stripped almost to the penny hapless Ukrainian population, the new democratic government in the last six months failed to even fill up a quarter of the state budget, and then robs Ukrainian. What next after military crisis, a new Great Depression or another soviet New Economic Politics?
   In order to save Ukraine and its economy should forget about capitalism and socialism, or other suitable Ukrainian samples not supposed economic prosperity, based only on the exploitation of the working masses to enrich oligarchic ruling minority. At the present stage of development is the only correct way to economic recovery in Ukraine, namely the introduction of the listianism theory or the List’s economic doctrine. Ukrainian nationalists and the Movement for Hetmanate particular offering his vision about finding a solution to the economic crisis.
   The listianism theory or the List’s economic doctrine is the economic ideas of Friedrich List, a forgotten German economist, patriot, which now are not only relevant, but also salutary – if properly applied, particularly for countries affected by communist regimes, as well as the current financial and economic crisis. This is especially true of its post-Soviet Ukraine, distorted colonial economy, which is now – through bureaucratic state apparatus – privatized several large financial and industrial groups.
   Nationalism as a separate economic system and gave the definition of economic nation is bringing people together in one area to protect their interests, namely the national economy creates a nation and economic power is a prerequisite of political power and influence of the nation. That national consolidation is a prerequisite for economic development. Ukrainian political nation actually exists as a historical and completed a fact for which voted more than 90% of Ukraine referendum on December 1, 1991 In addition, the nation is constantly on the go and in need of reform and modernization. Moreover, nations and states, which have economic, cultural and political dimensions are long interactivity.
   Government policy at present for the globalized world should be based on the fundamental principles of the listianism theory or the List’s economic doctrine. If you do not, we lose the historicity of Ukraine, we should cherish the culture market through the institutionalization of economic activity. In order to become a strong state must implement an economic policy that would be adequate to reality, effective and pro-active. In other words, it should anticipate, including crisis and seek adequate responses to the challenges for us is coming. Economic liberalism of the country compromised as inadequate realities. It actually came down to the primitive, only the monetary approach to economic decisions. Art of economic policy should be based on both market mechanisms and state regulation.
   Understanding the history and present as only two opposition political economy systems – communism and liberalism is limited and insufficient. The third version of which was and still is economic nationalism, once chosen by many countries as a way to economic prosperity. Today, in times of crisis, when Ukraine has survived the collapse of communism and now with the world is experiencing the collapse of classical economic liberalism, it's time to recall the ideas of Friedrich List and understand that nationalism is profitable. It follows another simple and logical conclusion: the nation's economy develops and the nation and the state, that the national state – promote healthy economic development for the benefit of all citizens.
   There are main objects of the listianism theory or the List’s economic doctrine:
The Finance: The financial policy is controlled by the state, governed by its laws, but is not subject to government agencies. Keeping control of the national capital of the banking system.
The Trade: Free the existence of the internal market. Public administration in international trade agreements. Each state protects its producers.
The Industry: Government support for domestic producers and strategically important industries. State control over them.
The Agriculture: Supporting the agriculture is the average farm. They have the right to own the means of production and to manage the results of their work. Activities farmers should not harm the national economy. The level and extent of competition are minimized cooperative unions.
The role of the state: The state is the main tool to achieve economic well-being of the nation and the people living in its territory. Because of this state a value for its population. State is the single player in the economic system along with its other entities.
The main economic goal: Economic development of the nation as part of the international community. Class character is not denied, but is not allowed uncontrolled exploitation of workers bourgeoisie (owners of capital). The welfare of the individual depends on the welfare of the nation.
The Private Property: It is not sacred, but is seen as a necessity. Private property is given to representatives of the nation to increase personal and social well-being.
   Friedrich List believed that the state should develop science, education and transportation system that serve the main driver of development and modernization of the nation and the state, and invest in these funds. Thus, the listianism theory or the List’s economic doctrine economic scheme sought to combine the most optimal planning methods, is regulated and market economies.
Authors – DenisKovaljov & Yarema Halayda

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