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Ukrainian Hetmanate: tradition against modern

The world is changing. World capital and its domination over the idea of ​​free nations as globalization and multiculturalism have reached Ukraine. The revolution of dignity and Moscow aggression changed dramatically Ukrainian people – we have become a nation! Finally, it came to pass what our predecessors sought: revolutionaries and warriors for independence. But, despite the fact that Ukrainian political nation began and civil society, our country still has not become national. And it is - and depressing fact trump in the hands of the Kremlin to further destabilize the situation in Ukraine.
   However, the nation-state is not a gift of fate, but give in bloody fighting with sword and gun at the front of the national liberation war. Many generations of Ukrainian philosophers, politicians, revolutionaries each with the advent of the shaped his vision of Ukrainian statehood: autonomy within the federation, the People's Republic, the Hetmanate, Cossack state of the Soviet Socialist Republic. But still, the spirit of change is in the air. Through the dust of the dying civilization grow clean sprouts new life. Each of the above mentioned forms of Ukrainian statehood is interesting in its own way, but the traditional form, nevertheless, be considered Hetmanate. This form of Ukrainian statehood, unlike the others, combines all the positive features of nationalism (Naciokratia), traditionalism (Klasokratia) and equal society (Democracy).
   To today, in time became a political and economic crisis in Ukraine finally build the traditional nation-state nationalists formed the Movement for the Hetmanate, which is based on 30 millennia of Ukrainian geo-social body is the process of creating a new form of existence to a higher level of consciousness. Movement for the Hetmanate focuses his energy on the creation of a new Ukrainian Human and a new society, and most importantly – the nation state. Movement for the Hetmanate goes to social improvement through personal improvement of each individual.
  The main mission of the Movement for the Hetmanate – the formation of the Ukrainian nation and the nation-state of a new cycle, where the nation – is structured ethnicity. Movement for the Hetmanate as its aim - the creation of a global Ukrainian national economic spiritually State community, rooted in the Holy Land Ukraine and supports her system according to the rules of the Creator-God. Movement for the Hetmanate is valid for Ukrainian nationalism ideology in its best form – national solidarity (brotherly solidarity entire Ukrainian nation and friendly solidarity with other nations of the world on an equal footing).
   The shape of a global national corporations, the Hetmanate, the contractor performs perfectly modern era of globalization, in fact embodies the traditional state national indigenous people – Ukrainian. Birth Ukrainian Hetmanate would represent the end of the pseudo-civilization and the beginning of a new globalism – free national state. Civilization has exhausted existing ecological niche and entered the global crisis. For out of it requires a leap in net space. In future combat hold out those nations that fail to make an ideological revolution, organizational, environmental and technological breakthroughs. Ukrainian nation increasingly aware of himself master of his native land and realizes that may rely only on their own. Time to turn dreams into reality and create a state capable of withstanding planetary crisis and give their citizens access to higher levels of self-realization.
   The main problem of Ukraine in erroneous model of state organization. The current system is not really a nation-state, because the people removed from power or control it. The real changes will occur only after the transition to the new system. The traditional system call Hetmanate Ukraine. Its core is full implementation of the national system of 7 conditions:
1. Ukrainian people – sole master of their land. To manage his farm he invites qualified citizens.
2. The main purpose of the state is to increase the quality of life of the Ukrainian people. To do this, the state must protect: a) the right to freedom of life; b) rights to the product of their own labor and creativity; c) national achievements and interests. Fundamentals of national lifestyle recorded in the Constitution, which should initiate a new Parliament.
3. Public administration must be led by a person who is personally responsible for its performance – the hetman. He is popularly elected. As a result of its activities Hetman meet their own property, they own freedom with their lives. The entire responsibility Hetman ensured that he manages the legislative, executive and judiciary. The Constitution should contain a clear mechanism for impeachment hetman.
4. For evaluation of Hetman is published quarterly National Human Development Index, which comprises the UN Human Development Index (index of life expectancy achieved level of education and real income per capita) and the index of fertility.
5. Hetman elected for 5 years. On election day, citizens can fill in a ballot paper and letter Hetman assessment on a 5-point scale.
6. Newly elected Hetman shall award the previous or submit the case to the judicial authorities.
7. Newly elected Hetman provides an objective analysis of the previous hetman.
   Traditional Ukrainian state – Hetmanate – will not allow market sale of agricultural land. Fertile soils – a public property, strategic resource. Movement for the Hetmanate endeavors economic re at the forefront of scientific and technological base and management, to achieve energy and resource self-sufficiency Ukraine. Following through the Ukrainian national solidarity Movement for the Hetmanate aims to create a powerful public corporations with effective management to concentrate resources on the areas of breakthrough and compete in global markets.
  Movement for the Hetman will initiate the formation of a favorable and stable legal space for the development of medium-sized businesses with the full freedom of small businesses with simple and clear procedures for the registration and taxation. Unlike modern statehood movement for radical reform of the Hetmanate hold the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the formation military layers, creating a professional military rapid response system and local units of national self-defense (modern Cossacks). Information space of modern Ukraine should be free of foreign dirt, aggression and depravity should be increased share information, cultural, scientific, educational, professional, and practical.
   Movement for the Hetmanate for building powerful modern traditional Ukrainian Hetmanate state will foster the proper Ukrainian national traditions, awakening the people of the tribal memory activation energy of hundreds of generations of ancestors. According to spiritual liberation and moral purification Movement for Hetmanate aims to create the conditions for a single spiritual community – Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical, harmoniously combines faith, science, art, and physical perfection. We transform Ukraine into a planetary spiritual center that carries people light of true knowledge, the supreme moral law, a perfect social organization and advanced technology.
   Concluding summary of the main ideas of the Movement for the Hetmanate, has emphasized the reasons decomposition, humiliation and systematic genocide of the Ukrainian people – is the existence of anti-national social order – ochlocracy and oligarchy. Real improvements will occur only with the transition to the national social order – Hetmanate. For a civilized transition from modern ruins to the Hetmanate need to adopt a new, truly national constitution. The transformation of Ukraine into a strong and prosperous world power to begin with today.
   Hetmanat will be on! Glory to Ukraine!
Authors – DenisKovaljov & Yarema Halayda

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