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Ukrainian Reconquista – from colony to national state

1991 was a year in the history of Ukrainian hopes, aspirations and grandiose expectations. «Finally! Finally! – the most of Ukrainians thought – Done! Finally it happened! Here it is – INDEPENDENCE!!! These things that we will live now! Do not have to pay the common soviet bottomless coffers of money, keep innumerable army bent back like a medieval fortress, the kolkhoz fields. It’s Freedom! Now Ukraine will finally great power state. Free from imperial domination!».
  Indeed, Ukraine has received a legacy from the USSR a significant portion of its former power. Suddenly we became the sole owner not only diversified, developed economy, but also the 2nd largest and equipment of the army, a powerful naval and merchant marine, a huge stock of nuclear weapons...
  Ukrainian enterprises produced everything from needles and buttons to aircraft, seiners, tanks and spaceships. The village is fed not only Ukrainian, but almost half of Europe. It seemed that such a force will make our homeland is not just a powerful country, but also a leader in the world, which have listened all around.
  And so what happened? Ruin in the economy, most ever powerful factories, plants stolen and missing or barely vegetate village is in agony corruption so let the entire bureaucracy, law enforcement agencies have become the most bitter enemies of the Ukrainian. Everywhere rampant separatism, Ukrainophobia, bribery. And the crown of chaos and shame – Urka the Murder (Viktor Yanukovich), with a gang of traitors and antinational government, led by the descendants of Cossack state.
   Is this a dream of Shevchenko, Franko, Hrushevskyi, Petliura, Bandera, Melnyk? Do this by imposing suffering warriors of the UNR Army, dissidents and warriors of the UPA? Do we, the modern Ukrainian who once voted for the independence of Ukraine, so saw the future of our homeland?! What happened? Why? And when? As a country with the potential to become a giant miserable dwarf with a voice which is not considered even the weakest players in the international arena, and if it is not on the political map of the world? Why is it that the creator of civilization, the father of geniuses and heroes – Aryan Ukrainian people in their own land was miserable stepson and reign on the earth aliens, monsters, Fatherless and go?
   Answers to these questions are sound, in the end, if we wish, after all, to get the coveted generation of fighters, true independence and as a result, power and prosperity of the Ukrainian nation. For here lie the main reasons for our failures and mistakes. They should be dissected, as a boil, and find a way to heal our ailing mother – Ukraine.
   So what happened, what went wrong? To answer this question is not simple, we have to clearly understand the nature of the predecessor of the Independent Ukraine – Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic, as the subject of the Soviet Union. If someone angrily throw that independent Ukraine – a successor of Ukrainian People's Republic, we have, for a simple answer that such statements are merely unfounded and colored view cannot be taken seriously. It is independent from the USSR, Ukraine inherited and administrative apparatus, and the army, and economic structures. But what was the Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic? In essence, it was a colonial territory as part of the communist empire  the Soviet Union. The Last of the colonial state on the world map. To manage this territory was introduced colonial administration which to create apparent independence from the imperial center called the state apparatus. In fact, the apparatus acted solely in the interests of the Kremlin communist metropolis and under its full control.
   Ukraine, like all other former USSR subjects, since independence, going through the same processes that have experienced all postcolonial states since the collapse of the French and British colonial empires in 1940-1960's. Similar to African or Asian countries newly in Ukraine has not been established nation state. Just as in Asia and Africa took place in Ukraine, under the guise of independence, transfer, dying at the hands of the communist empire in control of the colonial administration in the hands of politicians and political forces that seem to have demanded independence. More specifically, this control retained by those who faithfully served the Kremlin colonial empire. Force is that advocated the construction of the nation-state, naively believed that taking control of the colonial apparatus, it is possible to use it for its construction.
   Those who consistently advocated the scrapping of the colonial administration, were announced by the Nazis, neo-Nazis, Fascists, in xenophobia and removed to the margins. Throughout the colonial administration, after more or less bitter struggle, remained in power and in most cases established dictatorships. Other forms of government for them like death.
  But what features colonial administration? It's so simple! There are:
1. robbery of natural resources of the colonized country;
2. robbery and exploitation of the natives;
3. hold the natives in subjection;
4. the fight against national liberation movements of the natives.
  That we are able to watch all of the government of independent Ukraine during the 23 years of Independence. With that, merely, a difference that all the loot before they were sent to the Kremlin and now arrogate to themselves. The tax authorities of nation states rather than fill budget as encourage the development of certain industries. Fiscal authorities are colonial regime under the guise of collecting taxes and duties, robbing businesses and hinder economic recovery of the country. Do we see in Ukraine during the years of independence? In this stifling atmosphere of total plunder and repression main form of dialogue between the colonial administration and the people began to bribe. The colonial administration cannot host and is ready to slavishly serve the devil with horns though not to their own people, whom she fears and hates to that horror. That's where this longing to traitors in power by soviet colonial past.
  Therefore, the foreign policy of Ukrainian authorities for all years of independence – a search for the owner. These throwing from Europe to the United States, from the USA to Moskovia (Russia) – a feverish trade selling prostitutes from pimps candidates for the right to share as much as possible to retain stolen. Where has this dream of hegemony at least in the Northern Black Sea? Why 23 years of Independence national elite, intellectuals have failed to work out at least some, albeit alternative, but the model, Ukrainian National State? What is it?! Betrayal?! Cowardice?! Does it Collaboration?!
   Moreover, all the classics Ukrainian nationalist right indicated the nature of colonial power in Ukraine in 1920-1930's. Only the metropolitan were different then. They clearly and unambiguously indicated the way to overcome this problem. And this way – REVOLUTION or RECONQUISTA! This way – to crash the colonial system of oppression of the Ukrainian nation. This way – building Ukrainian Independent State! That is, the construction of the national state, rather than preserving the colonial system of governance.
   Only the ruthless destruction, demolition, elimination of Bolshevik-colonial machinery and construction management Ukraine Ukrainian National State – the only way to overcome the crisis of crushing Ukrainian history, which is now the place, the only way to revive Ukrainian nation! Anyone who denies it stands, even on a temporary, but conservation, colonial mechanisms and institutions should be branded as traitors Ukrainian Nation and excluded from any participation in public and political life of Ukraine.
  Events were took place at the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kiev November 2013 – February 2014, the ruling liberal publications have called "Revolution of Dignity". Society is forced upon the idea that the revolution has already taken place, so Euromaidan reached their goals, criminal regime replaced by the Party of Regions to regime of “reformers” Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk, Ukraine to integrate into Europe. Unfortunately, much of the public believes them. However, the current period is only a brief respite before the decisive People's offensive that finally swept away oligarchic regime and create the conditions for new construction in Ukraine just social order. Why events on Euromaidan not revolution? Because the revolution means a fundamental change in the social system. System in Ukraine has not changed. The country is still under the power of oligarchic clans. Have changed the face of power, but did not change its essence.
   Meanwhile, our eternal enemy from the east, Moskovia (Russia), treacherously seized in March 2014 our peninsula the Crimea and began full-scale war in the Donbas. The policy of "appeasement" by the European states led to the fact that the present military conflict between Russia and Ukraine predictably affected other countries in the civilized world. This is the indifference price paid by guarantor countries Ukraine for failure to comply with its obligations to protect the territorial integrity of our nation enshrined in the Budapest Memorandum for the delay in the introduction of sanctions for lack of military aid...
  How long can tolerate open aggression against Ukraine and call it a "provocation" and "terrorism"? It is not just terrorism, not just a diversion and not a provocation. This is – WAR! It must be recognized. It should immediately declare a state of war in the East, to break diplomatic and any other relationship with the state-aggressor begin offensive operations to liberate the occupied territories, to strike communities occupying forces, including in enemy territory, to support the national liberation movements in most of, the anti-Russian coalition and form a common front to act!
   Today, we must do everything possible to win the, so far, the Russian-Ukrainian War. And no elections should not prevent it. Parliament really should re-elect, but martial law in some areas it cannot hurt. The inhabitants of the occupied territories will vote later. In any case, no one will vote for bullets.
   The only way to release the Crimea, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Chechnya, Tatarstan, Königsberg, Inkeri, Kuban, Karjala and other territories and nations from enemy occupation – to win Moscow. The only way to avoid World War III tomorrow – a capitulation in Moscow today. The only way to restore historical justice and condemnation of the bloodiest of the Soviet regime - is the destruction of the evil empire that began to revive again in Moscow.
Ukrainian nationalists from "Azov" make new Reconquista!
   Russia does not threaten the security of other states and their citizens, Putin's regime must be overthrown. It is desirable that the Russians did. To the Russians began to respect in the world, they should stop lying. First of all, themselves. Their main drugs – the truth. From the self-destruction of this people save only true news, true story, honest leaders…
   Once the Romans proclaimed the slogan: «Carthage must be destroyed!». And they reached their. Today, instead of "Carthage" the whole civilized world has to write the word "Kremlin"...
   Our Reconquista continues... Victory will be ours!

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