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Back in the day in Finland

Back in the day, we had communist rebellion, it was in 1918, the same year Finland got its independence from Russian rule. At that same time Russia was going through the same thing, “red revolution”, and even sent few of these commie agitators here, to fight, and to stir up the pot.
   What the commie scum, nor the soon to be Soviet Russia did not know was, that Finnish people hated communism, and wanted nothing to do whit it. Finland was nationalist country back then. In fact, it started a brutal civil war, where mercy was not given nor asked. Countless people, red and white but mostly red’s, were killed, persecuted and eventually the communist rebels was gathered to concentration camps, where they were executed, starved and battered, though eventually they were let go. It´s an ugly part of my country´s history in many ways, but never the less; Heroic!
   One man stood above all others, High Commander Marshal Mannerheim, who led the White’s (The nationalist volunteer paramilitary) and a few good German volunteer´s in victory against the scum who wanted Finland to go to same road that the Russia was going, straight to shit hole, to communism. When I say brother fight’s brother, I mean it, the reds of Finland were brothers, but they were badly brainwashed by these agitators of communism, and took up arms, and thus sealed their destiny. They crossed the line where brotherhood no more means nothing, they became the enemy, enemy of the whole nation, enemy of the state, and most of all they were enemy’s of our culture, of what it is to be a Finnish man and woman.
  The point here is, that this war was orchestrated by the communist agenda, dangerous brainwashing ideology from the east, that makes no sense in real life, and is just another power tool for the “man behind the curtains”. And who is this “man” these days, Putin! Pulling the strings, stirring up the pot, making brother turn to enemy´s side, creating chaos to gain power...
When the civil war in Finland happened, there was only one thing that saved the nation; Brotherhood of Nationalism, that burned inside every decent Finnish man and woman, but sadly that flame has almost died out in Finland, whit the coming of soft values and liberal agenda, that favor’s giving in to Islamist’s, communist’s and whatever the fuck’s demand’s, and the country is going down, fast!
   Nationalism should be woken up in Finland, before it’s too late! Before the element’s dangerous to our nation’s health comes to power. I see Ukraine as a 21th century’s front line against the culture-breaking and decadent ideologies of eastern effect. This is the reason I give 100% support to the real hero’s of this fight, Regiment “Azov”, “Misanthropic Division”, and all the battalion’s fighting the real enemy. 
   Let’s hope that the Ukraine’s own red rebellion end´s the way it did in Finland; Rebel’s sent to the concentration camps, and Independence won from the separatist scum. Let them day-dream of Soviet Union in shallow grave. Glory to Ukraine! Personally, I will continue to support the cause, and see the “Azov” and “Misanthropic Division” as beacon of hope for white Europe! This is not the least because of the trend I see in my country’s politicians, that of being afraid of Putin’s Russia, and thus deter of making strong statement’s and act’s against that decadent and despicable regime!
   There was a time when my country, Finland, took up arms and went to war against Soviet Union bastard’s, just like Ukraine’s Nationalist’s are doing now, but that´s another story, and that was back in the day in Finland.
   Glory to Ukraine!

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